DREAM ACHIEVERS WORLD is an online business community created with the aim of promoting businesses, empowering and supporting start-up, creating online job opportunities, and using multi-level marketing strategies to improve the financial life of every members of this business community.

Experiencing financial freedom does not really need to cost a fortune. We have discovered that by starting small, ordinary people can move from one level of financial upliftment to the next higher level.

DREAM ACHIEVERS WORLD encourages all members to venture into businesses as they earn from the MLM program and as a company, we render all necessary business support for such members business (Both new and existing business) to blossom. We deploy digital marketing strategies for your business to create awareness for your brand and position your brand at the reach of your potential customers.

We believe that financial success is most easily possible in a community of highly motivated individuals driven by a common goal where everybody benefits mutually from our common and individual progress.


To create a platform for existing business and start-ups to get business support.

To create a friendly networking platform for multi-level networkers to run their networking business to achieve high quality of life and prosperity.

To use digital technology to bring a complete business solutions to businesses.

To eradicate unemployment in the society through skill/business empowerment


We will always ensure we engage in activities that will eradicate poverty and unemployment and provide financial and business empowerment to the public.

Benefits/Compensation of E-commerce

  • As a member in this online community, you will get 10% of total amount your referral spent on purchasing products.
  • As a member, you also make 10% of total amount spent on purchasing products on this platform by non-members referred by you.
  • All your earning will be reflected in your E-commerce wallet and it can be used to buy product on this platform
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